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If you've ever used the iconic FELCO 2 pruning shears, you know what to expect. If you haven't already, the high performance of the FELCO 11, which draws design inspiration from our celebrated and iconic flagship model, is sure to impress. Refined excellence shines through in every feature, yet the FELCO 11 isn't just a model inspired by the old, it's a new classic forging its own path. Pass them from one hand to the other to feel the superb balance, ergonomic shape and contoured finger grips, and test the high cutting capacity designed for all types of pruning. The narrow counter blade allows you to reach those extraneous branches and ensures a flush cut. You will never get tired of using them, because the rubber cushions ensure smooth use and reduce fatigue. Tradition is refined in a new ergonomic design...


  • Designed for pruning by right-handed users
    • pruning shears one hand type bypass suitable for hands  of larger size
    • Forged aluminum handles with a lifetime guarantee.
    • Counter-blade mounted with screws, which facilitates its replacement
    • Counter blade designed to facilitate the removal of sap
    • Serrated segment nut to facilitate adjustment of the head of
    • Tool adjustment wrench included for cutting head and shaft.

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