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Daniel Herrera, fundador de Herrera Ricaurte

Herrera Ricaurte & Cía. S.A.S. was founded in the year 1931. It is a family business managed by the third generation of descendants of Daniel Herrera, who was its founder and a leader in the import and commercialization of products for the agroindustrial sector.


In Colombia, we represent renowned brands such as Felco from Switzerland and Rosalma from Ecuador, and we distribute brands like  Josef Kihlberg from Sweden, Maxco from Japan, Bostitch, Deluxe Stitcher, Ideal Stitcher and Bemis from the United States. Furthermore, we are distributors of well-known national brands like Proalco, Estra,  Emcocables and Cintandina.

For over 80 years since our foundation, we have been pioneers in the distribution of packing and crating tools, staplers for the graphic arts industry, flower and fruit pruning shears, and agro-industrial products in general.


We have a very efficient commercial, technical and business team dedicated exclusively to offer you top quality products with a solid and reliable support.

The main products we offer include metal staples, staplers for packing, pruning shears, galvanized wire, nails, plastic containers, tapes for packaging and for grafting, and fertilizers, amongst others.

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