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FELCO 14 is the most compact, lightweight and handy FELCO pruner.

It is ideal for small hands, but it is equally comfortable for larger hands.

Its smaller design does not limit the cutting power, but rather the opposite, when making cuts up to 18 mm / 0.7 inches in diameter.

When you pick up and use this compact, light and powerful pruner remember that wanting is power.

It is made of the same high quality materials as the rest of FELCO products: tempered steel blades and sturdy hot die-cast aluminum handles.

The inclined cutting head becomes a natural extension of the hand for ergonomic comfort and better maneuverability, while the rubber cushions allow a closing action that protects the wrist against tension.

The micrometric adjustment mechanism allows easy adjustment of the cutting head to ensure precise cuts characteristic of FELCO pruning tools.


    • Designed for right-handed users
    • Ideal for small hands, but equally comfortable and powerful for larger hands.
    • Bypass type pruner
    • Die-cast aluminum handles with a lifetime warranty
    • Inclined cutting head
    • Blade and counter-blade made of tempered steel
    • Adjustable closure to transport and store it safely
    • Counter-blade mounted with screws, which facilitates its replacement
    • Blade with wire cutter notch
    • Anti-blade with scraper
    • Toothed segment nut for easy adjustment of the cutting head
    • Tool adjustment wrench included for cutting head and closing adjustment
    • Handles with non-slip handles without phthalates *
    • All parts are replaceable **
    • Made in Switzerland using 100% renewable energy.
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