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Users say that "feel" is paramount, as is the case with most heavy-duty tools. We may not be biased, but all of our pruners leave a good taste in your mouth: when they get a grip, they just  ;is known that FELCO has the ideal branch cutter for any pruning job. And this becomes evident in our branch cutter FELCO 211-60. It has all the essential elements: from holding the branch in the cutting head by traction, to the simple positioning of the blade, going through some robust and light handles. The consistency of the clean cut makes pruning a pleasure, thanks to the combination of comfort, minimum effort and applied efficiency. All of these elements add to the magic ingredient of working with our tools in your own hands.


SKU: FELCO 211-60
  • Interchangeable aluminum handles (available in three different lengths: 40, 50, and 60 cm / 15.7, 19.7, and 23.6 inches) allow you to reach longer distances when needed, while providing greater comfort.

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