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Electro-portable pruner | FELCOtronic Versatile, powerful and fast model, without power pack


  • FELCO 811 is a powerful, compact and effective tool, with a cutting capacity of 35 mm, and consisting of a robust body in forged aluminum of a single piece guaranteed for life and a redesigned cutting head. Ensures a perfect long-term cut. Thanks to its lightness (810 g) and its satin cutting head, the FELCO 811 slides easily between the branches to be pruned. Controlled and powered by its FELCO 880 Powerpack, the FELCO 811 set is the result of a highly studied ergonomics that relieves the arm and shoulder muscles during the pruning day. Pruner FELCO 811 without electro-portable set. A FELCO 880 Powerpack is required for the use of this tool.

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