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If there is one thing you need from a pair of shears for animal care it is precision. Speed of operation and a clean cut are essential to maintain health. It also means less stress for your sheep and goats at that very stressful moment when you have to clip their hooves. The design of the FELCO 50 hoof clippers reflects all your concerns. The lightweight construction, revolving handle and angled head ensure a tool that feels comfortable and natural to use. This will make your hoof clipping easier and more efficient, while blades coated with XYLAN® offer protection against the risk of infections.


    • Shears to trim the hooves of sheep and goats
    • XYLAN® coated sheet and counter-sheet
    • Tool for right-handed users
    • Bypass type pruner
    • Forged aluminum handles with lifetime warranty
    • Blade and counter-blade made of tempered steel
    • Counter-blade mounted with screws, which facilitates its replacement
    • Toothed nut for easy adjustment of the cutting head
    • Tool adjustment wrench included for cutting head and closing adjustment
    • Non-slip coating on handles without phthalates *
    • All parts are replaceable **
    • Version available with rotary handle: FELCO 50
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