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If there is something that should be required of animal care scissors, it is precision. Quick operation and a clean cut are essential for health care. They also pose less stress for your sheep and goats at a time as stressful as trimming hooves. The design of the FELCO 50 hoof shears takes into account all your concerns. It has a light structure, an inclined head that guarantee that the tool is comfortable and natural when used. It will allow hoof cutting to be easier and more efficient, while XYLAN® coated blades offer infection protection.


  • Trimming sheep and goat hooves can be complicated at best. Especially when the health and comfort of animals is the top priority. It is also ours and, therefore, we have designed the FELCO 50 hoof shear, a fast, resistant, precise and convenient tool to use, so you can focus on getting the animals to remain calm and controlled. The XYLAN® coating of the blades keeps the tool cleaner, to prevent the spread of hoof infections and ensure your peace of mind. These scissors, designed based on the FELCO 7 model, feature an agile inclined head that easily adjusts to achieve the power and cleanliness of cut you need. The ingenious rotating handle reduces the necessary cutting power by approximately 30%. The FELCO 50 hoof shear is light, reliable and a pleasure to use. We just want their sheep and goats to be equally cooperative.

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